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Levis Window Display

A Classroom Project in semester III in the Visual Merchandising module. The aim of the project is to do research on any existing fashion brand in the market and come up with window display with any choosen theme.


Window Display 





Window Display

The project was to design a thematic window display for a fashion brand. Brand: Levi's

Theme :

With the theme being Be Wild, Levi’s explores the realms of culture and ethnicity. With the theme being along the lines of the tribe, this collection of Levi’s is a true reflection of the Red Indians. There is clothing with motifs generally used by tribes. There are denim, jackets, tee-shirts, and many more.

The theme is portrayed through different elements of the tribe, like the feathers, mask, braided beads, and motifs, giving a raw touch to the display. In addition, the whole collection is washed in yellow lights to give a rustic effect.

Technical Drawings

The Final Display

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