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FilmArtSty App Redesign

FilmArtsy is a platform made for users like you to showcase skills, get recognized, build your network to collaborate with others and discover new opportunities.





Live Site

My Role

As I was the sole designer on this project. My role was to create the entire product design - User Experience and User Interface. I would then share it with Product Manager and the Development Team to research, scope, plan, and execute.

Design Process

As the App was live, I gathered user information through interviews and data analysis. I think it's essential to know what users want and what problems they face before coming up with ideas.

After gathering user insights, I started generating ideas and sketching them on paper. This allowed me to iterate and refine my designs quickly. I began with user flows and wireframes, using tools like Figjam and Figma to create polished designs and prototypes for the interface.


After finalizing the interface and prototype, I shared it with my team for testing and to get their feedback and perspectives on the design.


After receiving feedback from my Product Manager and Marketing team that our App's user engagement and retention rates were lower than expected.


I conducted group research with a specific group of target Audiences to know the user's pain points. Since we were located in T-Hub, gathering the users was convenient for me. I asked these users to try using the app while I observed them, gathering valuable information about their experiences.

Customer Insights

After conducting some research and analysis, I found some design problems causing the issue.

1. The App's onboarding process is more complex.

2. I observed that App's Signup/Signin screens are creating more confusion, So the New users are Signing in instead of signing up.

Problem Statement

The FilmArtsy app is experiencing difficulties related to its design, particularly in the onboarding process and Signup/sign-in screens. The complexity of the onboarding procedure and the unclear distinction between Signup and Signin options confuse new users, who often attempt to sign in without having an account. These design issues negatively impact the user experience, potentially decreasing engagement and retention rates.

Proposed Solution

1. Simplify the onboarding process:

  • Streamline the onboarding flow by reducing the number of steps required.

  • Providing clear instructions and visual cues to guide users through the process.

  • Including a progress indicator creates surprise and motivation for users for their cognitive efforts. It also boosts engagement during the entire process.

2. Redesign the Signup/Signin screens:

  • Differentiating between the Signup and Signin options using contrasting colors and distinct buttons.

  • Implement an option for users to toggle between Signup and Sign in within the same screen for better navigation.

User Interface

Login Screens
Signup and Feed Screens
Profile Screens

The Profile screens have been revamped to demonstrate how the progress indicator functions and influences the presentation of profile information.

Profile Screens

This project aimed to address the design issues and user experience challenges faced by the FilmArtsy app, specifically concerning the onboarding process and Signup/sign-in screens. By simplifying the onboarding process, redesigning the Signup/Signin screens, and implementing additional improvements such as social media logins and a guided tutorial, we have significantly enhanced the app's usability. The revamped Profile screens with progress indicators also contribute to a more intuitive user experience. These changes should increase user engagement and retention rates, ultimately creating a more successful and enjoyable platform for our users to showcase their skills, collaborate, and discover new opportunities.

Thank You...

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